Facebook Fundamentals for Financial Advisors

1. The vital importance of a Facebook Page for Business

2. Understanding your audience using Facebook Page Insights

3. An introduction to Facebook Audiences, unique targeting tools & features

4. Advertising objectives explained

5. The real gamechanger – Facebook Live Video

6. Why you can no longer ignore Facebook Messenger

7. Facebook Stories feature and what it means

LinkedIn 3.0 – How to use the next generation of LinkedIn to grow your organization, your team, and your profits.

1. How leading firms are using LinkedIn to improve performance

2. The value of LinkedIn Company & Showcase Pages to promote your offering

3. LinkedIn Learning – a powerful e-learning platform

4. Establishing yourself as a thought-leader with LinkedIn Publishing

5. LinkedIn Sales Navigator – is it for you?

Social Media for Business Growth – Practical ways to use social media and automation to attract new leads and opportunities.

1. The basics of using Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram for business

2. Measuring engagement with social media analytics

3. Setting up social media automation and retention of records

4. Case studies: Example of a cross-media promotions strategy

5. Content marketing ideas by channel – Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube

The Digital Customer Journey – Using Integrated Marketing to create a consistent, seamless, and multi-dimensional brand experience.

1. Defining the digital customer journey in a mobile-first world

2. Why digital touchpoints are key to your integrated and content marketing strategy

3. Website optimization – the nucleus of your brand

4. The importance of SEO, SEM, UX, UI now more than ever

5. Examining social media across the customer lifecycle

6. What to measure and how to look at Return on Marketing Investment

Next Steps…

Does your business have a presence on social media? If not, what are you waiting for?!