6 Ideas for Your Next Facebook Live or LinkedIn Video Post

Our thumbs are the hottest remote controls on the market. They already come preprogrammed to tap, text, pinch, zoom, scroll or swipe faster than anything we’ve ever operated before.

Make no mistake about it. The thumb is in charge and it’s looking for exactly the right moment to take a breather, provided there is content it finds refreshing, interesting, entertaining, and funny. Problem is today’s news feed feels more like life in the fast lane and getting noticed is a lot harder than it used to be, for text-based content especially.

Fortunately for financial advisers, both Facebook and LinkedIn have incorporated video into status updates, making it available for everyone. Video, particularly Facebook Live Video is over indexing for attention right now since any person that has an Internet connection can broadcast to the world in real time, either from their mobile or desktop.

Great, now what? You’ve decided to make the leap to video. Before you start recording think about the type and time of your first broadcast. Here are 6 ideas for your next Facebook Live or LinkedIn video post:

  1. Announcements (5-10 minutes). Relay information to your viewers such as the scheduling of your live videos and recent blog post or podcast episode. Share with them what you’re excited about!
  2. Money Tips and Tricks (5-10 minutes). Take some time to give advice on a financial top that you are an expert in. Use this time to start a money conversation with your audience and getting to know your fan base.
  3. Q&A (10-30 minutes). Go Live so that all your fans and followers have an opportunity to ask questions they are not able to ask during a produced video or podcast episode. This is a terrific way to demonstrate your specific area of expertise and show you care.
  4. Trending Discussion (10-30 minutes). Trending topics can spark an engaging and lively discussion with your fans. Hosting a discussion on Facebook Live offers fans a chance to share their opinions on societal issues that matter and affect the members of our community, such as Hurricane Harvey.
  5. Tutorials (30-240 minutes). Give your viewers and followers an in-depth lesson on a skill where you excel. Help them solve their budgeting and cash flow challenges, give them tips for paying down credit card and student loan debt or ideas to start a side hustle.
  6. Go Behind the Scenes (30-240 minutes). Take your viewers behind the scenes of your office and show them around your company. Give them the opportunity to meet the rest of your team and treat them to an experience they will love <3.

Finally, don’t be afraid to be imperfect. Recording video, especially live video, can be a little scary at first. However, it invites a certain level of vulnerability and transparency that helps build trust with your audience. Don’t get all tripped up with trying to get it right, just step out of your comfort zone and begin to explore the unique features of using video for your practice.

Ultimately, the broadcast is for the audience.

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